Automate retail merchandising activities

Provide great customer experience with fewer stock-outs. Optimize your inventory and capitalize on opportunities, based on ROI. Forget complexity and handle uncertainty like a breeze with Kivos retail merchandising automation. 

ROI-based retail merchandising automation

KIVOS retail merchandise planning platform senses business environment volatility and aligns your strategic objectives with tactical execution on the ONLY metric that matters.  

€ $ £ 

Kivos gives you a decision operating system and the talent to run profit-maximizing merchandising operations. 

Escape from the burden of day-to-day execution

Retailers spend at least 2/3 of their time in 

Gathering Data

Managing expectations


Alignment meetings

Critical strategy

Setting targets



Only 1/3 of their time is left for

Your team deserves support from a system that they can trust—one that isn’t right every so often, but all the time.

Embrace the power of automation in merchandise planning

Harness the true potential of your organization’s data wealth. 

Kivos proprietary AI/ML algorithms turns your data into decisions that optimize your ROI according to your planning objectives.

What succeeded in the past

Is a poor indicator of the future





Stohastic modeling


Analytics and intelligent modeling is the future

Unlocks new perks of growth

Kivos merchandising automation, with the use of its Intelligent Merchandise Assistant, takes care of all the heavy-lifting for you—all this, while you regain full control of your processes. 

Our customers

Kivos helps you to

Bring down costs and decision time

Eliminate unnecessary complexity in retail planning

Capitalize on opportunities to cross-sell and upsell

Focus on high-value tasks where your expertise really matters

Reduce stock-outs and win customer loyalty

Unveil underperforming areas/functions and suggest improvements

Results we deliver to you

4% more Sales

21% less Inventory

27% less Stock-outs

Ready to automate your merchandising activities?

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