Kivos helps you make better informed replenishment decisions

Win customer loyalty with fewer stock-outs, capitalize on opportunities and forget complexity.

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Kivos helps you make decisions

Retail merchandize planning; maximize resources and results

The perfect replenishment solution accounts for volatility while forecasting demand, improves your bottom line and inventory efficiency. Tech can’t do this alone, you also need great minds to operate the system.

Kivos gives you a decision operating system and the talent to run profit-maximizing replenishment planning.

Putting out fires with kivos

You’re stuck putting out fires

You want to plan ahead by looking at past trends, focus on high-value projects and face all challenges that come your way.


And yet, you’re stuck putting out fires. You deserve a supply chain system that you can trust—one that isn’t right every so often, but all the time.

Merchandize planning shouldn’t feel like rocket science

Harnessing the potential of your data shouldn’t feel like finding your way out of a labyrinth without a map. Typical solutions add complexity, which just makes your job harder.


You need a solution that takes care of all the heavy-lifting for you—all this, while you regain full control of your processes.

Kivos makes thing feel not like rocket Science
Kivos helps you escape spreadsheet hell

Spreadsheets can only get you so far

A common spreadsheet application cannot equip you with the same reliability and convenience as a specialized replenishment solution.


Using spreadsheets for forecasting comes at the cost of efficiency and accuracy. And you have to work hard to get the latest available data into place before you can even start. 

Kivos helps you to

Bring down costs and decision time

Minimize unnecessary complexity in retail planning

Capitalize on opportunities to cross-sell and upsell

Focus on high-value tasks where your expertise really matters

Reduce stock-outs and win customer loyalty

Upgrade from spreadsheet-hell

At Kivos, you aren’t handed a platform that takes months to master, or one that solely relies on AI.

We arm you with insights instead of just data — you get access to supply chain veterans with over 15 years of experience who guide you to make the best replenishment decisions.

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