1.  Privacy policy

The website www.kivos.ai is part of Kivos P.C. (hereinafter Kivos) presence in the Web. Kivos is committed to the protection of personal data, in accordance with the Interreg Europe and the General Data Protection Rules and the Greek Implementing Law 4624/2019. Your personal data will thus be processed in conformity with the above-mentioned Regulation.

Should you have any queries about the processing of your personal data, both regarding access to data and rectification of these data, you are invited to send your request to info@kivos.ai or use our online form in Contact page.

Although you can browse through www.kivos.ai website without giving any information about yourself, we might track your visit and keep information like your IP. We treat this information according to the privacy policy statement.

2.  Responsible for Management & Processing of Personal Data

Responsible for the Management & Processing of Personal Data is Kivos Analytics P.C., which resides in Dimitriou Glinou 32, Thessaloniki, Postal Code 542 49, Greece. Your data is used and processed only for the reasons that you have accepted.

2.1  Personal data we collect

We track your visit in our pages by keeping your IP address for statistical reasons. Furthermore, we collect some cookies from your browser. You can read more details about the cookies we collect in “Cookies & Pixel Tags”. We also collect contact details (email, name), your IP and your browser info, in case you use our contact form.

2.2  How we use and store personal data

All information we collect is safely stored in order to provide to the user access to our website functionalities.

Kivos does not copy or modify your personal information in any way and uses it solely for the purposes of www.kivos.ai website. Kivos never discloses personal information to third parties without prior approval. We do not divulge your personal data for any marketing purposes.

All the data collected through parts of the website will be stored safely until the end of the desired period, upon completion of which the data will be deleted. We take high security measures to safeguard the information against possible misuse or unauthorized access. All the website related data will be kept in a highly secure server with daily backups. Only authorized personnel have physical access to the server. We can access the server file system via SSH, requiring key-pair authentication. All passwords used are encrypted.

2.3  How to access and modify personal data

You can access all the information disclosed with us at any time, verify its accuracy and, if necessary, correct it. To do this, please send us an email at info@kivos.ai

Within www.kivos.ai website we may also provide links to third-party sites. Since we do not control them, we encourage you to review their privacy policies.

2.1  Reasons for Collecting Data

The reasons and purposes for which we collect data through our website are:

  1. To serve your needs when visiting our website.
  2. To contact us, either by using our Contact Form or by using your own mailing software. The data that is filled in and sent to us is used exclusively for the service of your request and for as long as it lasts. This data will not be used for the purpose of promoting our products or services.
  • Other purposes: We may also use your personal data in other ways, and we will provide specific notices when we collect the data, while securing your consent where needed before it is used.
2.2  Disclosure of Personal Data

1) Notification from our company

To third party service providers such as web hosting, cloud providers, email automation software providers, other third parties, to the extent required for purposes of complying with a government request, court decision or applicable law, preventing unlawful use of the Websites or breaches of our Terms of Use and our policies, our protection against third party claims, and our contribution to the prevention or investigation of fraud.

2) Notification from you

The user notification includes his / her interactive contacts with social networking sites where his / her profile can be displayed, which may include images, name, date of birth and other personal information.

2.3  Retention of Personal Data

We retain your personal information for as long as necessary so that we can comply with our legal obligations regarding taxation, commercial legislation and the provision of guarantees. With regard to cookies, you can refer to the “Cookies & Pixel Tags” for more information on how long they are kept.

2.4  Data Security

Our company uses a wide range of tools that aim to better protecting your personal data. Among them are included encrypted communication between user and server, server firewall and server behind third-party firewall. We will report any illegal breach of our website database to all those directly concerned but also to the authorities within 72 hours, once we have realized that such breach has taken place.

3.  Cookies & Pixel Tags

Our website collects information that may include your personal data as you interact with our website. More specifically, we use cookies that allow us to identify each visitor based on information collected such as the IP, your unique cookie ID, information about your cookies, and information about whether your device has access software in some elements, unique device ID and device type, domain, web browser type and language, operating system and system settings, country and time zone, previous visits to websites, information about your interaction with the Websites such as number of clicks, purchases, declared preferences, and access times and related URLs.

Finally, it is important to mention that we use cookies and occasionally third-party pixel tags including, Facebook which allow us to better personalize the services according to your interests, both on our website and others.