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Every day our customers experience core merchandising automation efficiency and: 

  • Achieve up to 4% higher sales 
  • Operate with up to 21% less inventory 
  • Provide better customer experience with up to 27% reductions in stock-outs 

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Want to know more about the Proof exercise? Read the FAQs below.

Proof excrecise FAQs

It’s the only way you can experience the value a solution can bring to your organization. It is focused on your processes, your business environment and your data. It’s not a demo! Demos are always smooth but reality hardly ever. In a nutshell, It’s the real work required to automate merchandising, but only on a smaller scale. It’s an RFP (Request For Proposal) killer! 

RFP is a long, outdated, expensive and tedious process to announce a project and select a vendor. It’s purely theoretical in nature and at best, during this procedure, you might have as deliverables demos with mockup data. Nothing in this guarantees any outcome related to monetary value and ROI for your organization.

While this answer heavily depends on the question “How quickly can you explain your core merchandising processes, share data, and build inbound/outbound system flows?”; the whole process can be completed in just 13 weeks. 

We have 100% traceability of any issues that are causing your organization to miss its targets. Issues happen for a reason, and we must know what that is. To help you improve your processes, we perform a daily root-cause aggregation and prioritization analysis on all identified issues and we provide specific actionable recommendations on how to address them. 

This is highly unlikely. The essential dataset for this exercise should be available for any retailer using an ERP system. In case we identify specific data  as not systematically available, we can help with manual extraction and loading  (e.g. via spreadsheets). And we can help you build processes, so that the organization gradually start generating and capturing the missing data points. 

While a ROI-based automation approach should involve everything, it doesn’t mean you have to change everything! After all, you’re already successfully operating as a business. Our approach is to start at the end of the funnel, i.e. establish the inventory module. There is a saying “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”! We need to have a robust engine that consolidates all processes inputs and provides the end results that constitute the foundation of the organizations performance. Inventory optimization does exactly that.

Nothing is really free in this world. As a company we’re against the false promise of the “free”, because in any aspect it is used it creates misconceptions. For example, free returns on retail, are not actually free as they inflate product costs and have a significant impact on the environment. In the end consumers are “paying” a higher price. In that sense, while not free our proof exercise comes with a subsidized cost. 

Consider this like an exercise with an impact across many major business units, but only on a few individuals in each unit. This as an investment for your organization that will pay off by providing a snapshot of your current processes and any bottlenecks that impact your operational efficiency. You also get a data assessment that will help you estimate the real value your data can bring to your organization. But, the big prize is a seamless digital transformation journey towards operational efficiency. 


Merchandising automation aims to align activities that serve the same purpose; company growth. The process spans many different business departments. Category management, pricing, promotion, space and logistics are all involved. While they all work for the same organization, they often tend to optimize departmental targets. 

We want the result to be greater than the sum of its parts. Together, we define a common language and align efforts to maximize efficiency. It's a great opportunity to establish frequent and transparent communication across the business. We have the tools and methods to help everyone identify the battles that need to be won, across the board. 

The simple answer is “time”! Automation “buys” you time. Retailing is labor intensive. Resourcing has become more and more of an issue the last few years and the trend is expected to continue. We help you save time, freeing you from day-to-day mundane activities (setting parameters at the execution level, generating manual orders etc.), You can re-invest your time savings on higher value activities. Think defining category strategy, interacting/serving customers, and replenishing shelves at the store. This is the first quick win and it is easy to realize. 

Have a look around. You’re not alone in your business environment. You have competition! Every retailer has its core business DNA that sets them apart from their peers. This DNA defines how you set strategy and how you make business decisions. It also determines how consumers perceive you as a brand and why they choose to shop from you.

Automation does not tamper with the DNA of the organization. It only helps to reinforce it, by ensuring that it remains intact in its every cell. All departments follow the same strategy, which is cast in specific data facts and plans. There is no room for misinterpretations and cognitive biases to interfere. 

The ultimate goal for automation is operational tranquility. Harmony and stability within the organization's operations. Processes, systems, and workflows operating with efficiency and minimal disruptions or conflicts. It means that rarely something will go very wrong. And your people won't have to answer dreaded calls and emails while out of office, to solve it. It means that their prized work-life balance is not disturbed. Improved quality of life, both at work and outside of it. 

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