Look inside Kivos Retail Planning Operating System

A platform to win customer loyalty with fewer stock-outs, capitalize on opportunities and forget complexity.

Set your business goals not technical parameters

Let our dedicated teams orchestrate vast amounts of repetitive tasks without your intervention. Achieve your financial objectives, making autonomous planning decisions with a platform that uses a stochastic approach to model the probability of numerous outcomes under different conditions.

Implement adaptable processes and embrace uncertainty

Kivos is built to manage uncertainty in retail. Make business decisions instead of coding and wasting time setting parameters. Kivos makes your organization resilient in a volatile world.

Unify silos with holistic planning

Increase planning efficiency and maximize profitability with the Kivos Planning operating system. It helps you align and execute merchandising, demand and supply chain decisions in sync.

Know Our Working Process

Business understanding

Data is essential for analytics, but where is it coming from? Data is the result of the processes you define and follow. For us understanding your business is learning about your category planning, assortment management and price & promotion planning processes.

Data understanding & integration

We want to align the expectations you set when initially planning, to what happens in reality when later on you’re executing your plans. To achieve this we build data flows, extract, analyze and validate data against the processes that generate it.

Modeling & prediction

You get supply chain models that combine business processes and data, capturing real world constraints and uncertainty to achieve your business strategy. We generate demand and supply predictions and simulate it with real conditions to fine tune your financial outcomes.


No matter how well we prepare, only the execution of the decisions in a real-world setting, will allow us to measure and improve your overall business performance. Every day we work with you to analyze the market feedback and align the decisions to be made to reach operational excellence.

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